How to take care scissors

New Scissors

Like any high quality tool that is used on a daily basis, a pair of scissors needs certain types of maintenance to be able to use them for a long time, and to be able to make them last longer. When a scissors is just purchased, do not cut thick slices of hair from the start because the blades are too sharp and they may snap. It is highly recommended in the beginning to mainly use the scissors for trimming and blunt cutting to about 5 to 10 customers. This will allow the blades to get accustomed to the stylist’s way of cutting and handling the scissors. As the scissors are used, it is very normal that hardly visible particles of the scissors’ to come out on the cutting edge due to friction. It can be easily notice because the hair will slightly start to slide when cutting; if this occurs, wipe the blade with the chamois leather that comes along with the scissors when first purchased (some stylists wipe their scissors at least 10 to 15 times per cut for the first month). It is also important that the scissors are clean before they are put away at the end of the day.

How to wipe cutting scissors with the chamois leather

How to wipe CUTTING scissors with the chamois leather
  1. Fold the chamois leather in two, to make it thick enough so that the blades will not cut through the leather when wiping.
  2. Hold the scissors normally and open the blade to about 45° angle.
  3. Hold the blade with the chamois leather at the beginning of the blade.
  4. Slide the chamois leather towards the tip of the blade (make sure that the chamois leather is touching the edge of the blade) and just move the hand forward that is wiping the blade, and do not pull the hand that is holding the shank.
  5. Repeat the same process to the other blade.
  6. The blades are very sharp, make sure not to put too much pressure and wipe as slow as possible making sure that the blades are not cutting through the chamois leather.

How to wipe thinning scissors with the chamois leather

How to wipe THINNING scissors with the chamois leather

The cutting blade is wiped the same way as the cutting scissors but in the case of the thinning blade; instead of sliding the chamois leather towards the tip, each tooth has to be wiped from its root towards the head.

Things to know over the usage of the scissors

Things to know over the usage of the scissors
  1. Do not unloosen the screw if it is not necessary.
  2. Avoid cutting by pushing the moving shank.
  3. It will cause unnecessary friction to the blades when cutting.
  4. Make sure to wipe off any water or chemical particles, if possible before it dries off.
  5. When the scissors are not been used, it should either be kept in its original case or on a scissors stand.
  6. It is recommended to put some oil for scissors where the screw goes in order to prevent friction. (As seen on the picture)
  7. Wipe with chamois leather constantly.

Sending the scissors for repair

  1. It is advised to send the scissors at least once some time between the first and the third year after purchase.
  2. If any sharpening or any other type of repair is needed, it must be done by professionals at Lynx.
  3. After sending a pair of scissors for sharpening or repair; the blade will recuperate its sharpness, therefore they will have to be taken care as if they are new.