Sharpening Services


Professional Sharpening & Repair for the beauty & Pet Grooming industry. Lynx sharpening services provides the ultimate edge retaining for all Bevel edge as well as convex edge types of Shears through our advance sharpening equipment, techniques & methods. These sharpening procedures insure that you receive the ultimate edges & sharpest blade attainable in many instances, better than the original.

All Sharpening & Repair Services are fully guaranteed. Turnaround time for the Sharpening Department is 4 to 7 Days. Everything which can be hand honed is gona perfectly be hand honed.

Shears & Scissors washers, bumpers & dumpers are replaced if needed Free of charge. Return Shipping is cost actual via either DHL or FedEx couriers whichever is most economical.

                    SHARPENING PRICE LIST

TYPE PRICE                                                                                                                          Price

Professional Convex Edge Shears                                                                             US$ 12.00

 Thinning & Chunker  Shears                                                                                         US$ 9.00

 Embroidery Scissors                                                                                                       US$ 3.00

 Small Clipper Blade                                                                                                         US$ 5.00

 Large Clipper Blade                                                                                                        US$ 7.00