Company Profile

Lynx worlwide is a Sialkot based company with the manufacturing facility for Professional hand crafted Haircutting Shears & Scissors, established in 2000.
Lynx Shears have been maintaing highest quality made by traditional techniques of skilled craftsmen and also changing with trends of the hairstyle with Lynx Brand. Lynx a Premium Brand of quality Scissors for Beauty Salons & with OEM Facility.


We are dedicated to the consistency of quality & Customer satisfaction, with the help of using highest quality grade, longest-lasting components & materials available. We use only the finest Japanese Forged Stainless steel. This high Carbon Stainless steel has the perfect combination of elements such as Cobalt, Molybdenum & Carbon to make your Scissors as hard as possible without being too brittle, yet still flexible enough to cut like a Katana Sword. Each pair of Scissors is meticulously hand made to our exacting specifications.